My Name is Don Whitson. I served as a police officer for 30 years before retiring at the rank of sergeant in 2014 from Fort Collins (CO) Police Services. I spent 20 years on the department SWAT team and retired as a team leader. I participated and supervised hundreds of tactical operations including riot control, high-risk warrant service, barricade operations and hostage rescues.

I served as the Less Lethal Section Chair for the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). The NTOA is largest police training organization in the world, providing the most contemporary training available. I authored the train-the-trainer curriculum for less lethal weapons; impact projectiles, chemical agents and sound flash diversionary devices (flashbangs). The course set best practices and protocols for the deployment of all less lethal systems for law enforcement. I also wrote and published the instructional course on Crowd Management in Threat Incidents.

I began consulting for police defense litigation in 2004. I have been certified as an expert witness in U.S. Federal District Court on the use of force, SWAT operations and police procedures.

Today I am a consultant for AMTEC-ALS Less Lethal Systems, Inc. ALS is a leading manufacturer of less lethal weapons for law enforcement, corrections and the military. I liaison as the Law Enforcement Channel Manager.


My passion is to provide expert assistance to police officers who are accused of using unconstitutional levels of force during the course of their duties. By breaking down their actions frame-by-frame I can show the need and the amount of force used by the officer (s) was reasonable.

If you are searching me on this website, it is likely during stressful times. But I look forward to hearing from you if I can assist in any way. I often provide initial opinions to legal counsel so they can be certain I am a good fit for the defense team.



With over 21 years experience, my experience and technical training is vast. Click on the appropriate link above to read more about my experience and technical training in both expert witness consulting and development of agency training and policies.


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