• Confidential Informant Management and Development
  • Supervisor Institute
  • Street gangs


  • Self Discipline and Emotional Control
  • Communications Skills
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Problem Oriented Policing
  • K-9 Drug Recognition and Trainers Seminar
  • Street Drug Interdiction
  • Community Oriented Governance
  • Liberation Management
  • Criminal Repeat Offender Management
  • Reid Interrogation
  • Police Bicycle Patrol Certification
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Course
  • Rocky Mountain Program- Intensive Leadership and Excellence
  • OJJDP: Child Fatality Investigations
  • AOL/Colorado Post: Criminal Online Investigations
  • AELE Law Enforcement Center: Lethal and Less Lethal Investigations
  • FEMA: NIMS IS0700 Incident Command Training
  • Colorado Association of Sex Crimes Investigators
  • Public Agency Training Council: Legal Liabilities in Schools



  • SWAT Supervisor Tactics and Management
  • Advanced SWAT Tactics
  • Street Survival- Calibre Press


  • Tactical Edge Training
  • Hostage Rescue/High Risk Warrant Service
  • Rapid Deployment Active Shooter
  • Advanced SWAT Management
  • SWAT Command
  • SWAT Supervision
  • Tactical Submachine Gun Operator H/K MP5-SD
  • Active Counter Measures-PPCT (arrest control tactics)
  • Tactical Explosive Breaching
  • Advanced Explosives Handling
  • Agricultural Explosives Safety
  • Working with victims of traumatic crime
  • Tactical Response to Hazardous Environments using SCBA



Tactical Communications Instructor; Verbal Judo Institute
Cultural Diversity Instructor; International Association of Chief’s of Police
Ethics For Law Enforcement Instructor; Southwestern Law Enforcement Institute.


Instructor for the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). The NTOA is the largest non-for-profit training organization in the world with over 45,000 members.

Less Lethal Instructor Course; National Tactical Officers Association. I am currently the lead instructor and author for the course. The course is a forty hour train-the-trainer course for diversionary devices, chemical agents and less lethal systems. The course includes instructor level development in less lethal case law review, tactical decision making, injury management, death and injury reporting, less lethal technology, specialized munitions and use of force philosophy. I review and update the course annually and manage the content and instruction for the course. The course includes familiarization with most major manufacturer’s munitions, launchers and devices.

I have presented instruction at 11 National Tactical Officers Association’s Annual Conferences. Topics include Less Lethal Instructor, Tactical Explosive Entry, Command and Contemporary Officer Safety Strategies.

Advanced Tactical Firearms Instructor; Certified to instruct on tactical carbines and pistol.

ICT50/LCT50 Research; I researched and developed material that rebuts the traditional chemical agent calculation formulas used by military and law enforcement for more than forty years. My research demonstrated the formulas were faulted and therefore should not be used. Major manufacturers and training companies have adopted the findings and have discontinued their use.

I have presented Legal Updates for Commanders at the Ohio State Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) Annual Conference and as the keynote speaker to the Washington State Tactical Officers Association (WSTOA) annual SWAT conference. I provide annual less lethal instructor training for the Pacific Northwest Tactical Officers Association Conference.

PepperBall Master Instructor and Armorer. Master Instructors are certified to train individual agency instructors in the use of PepperBall systems; I am one of fifteen Master Instructors in the United States.

Delegate member of the Special Panel Review on Excited Delirium. The Weapons and Protective Systems Technology Center and the National Institute of Justice Award No. 2010-IJ-CX-K005. The consortium developed protocols for response to subjects exhibiting signs of ExDS. I conduct training for the agency and stakeholder agencies in the medical and tactical response protocols.

Institute for Defense and Government Advancement; Non-Lethal Weapons Summit, August 2012, Washington, DC. I presented information on current best practices and initiatives in contemporary training for police officers on use of force. I also co-chaired a discussion panel on current trend analysis for operational gaps in law enforcement less lethal technologies.



Less Lethal Instructor; PepperBall Technologies, Inc.PepperBall OC projectile launcher, SA-10, SA-200, TAC700, SA-4, Flashlauncher, HotShot and Custom Carbine. I also certify instructors as armorers to repair and maintain PepperBall launchers.


Less Lethal Chemical Agent Instructor; Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Less Lethal Instructor; FN Herstal. FN303 Fin Stabilized .68-caliber projectile launcher.

Less Lethal Instructor for Conducted Energy Devices; TASER International:
Member of the Technical Working Group funded and supported by the U.S. Department of Justice, Weapons and Protective Systems Technologies Center; Orlando, Florida. Denver, Colorado. Restin, Virginia. State College, Pennsylvania. Los Angeles, California. Washington, DC., (others upon request).

Delegate to the International Law Enforcement Forum (ILEF): Penn State University, Applied Research Laboratory, National Institute of Justice. The coalition includes delegates from the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and the United States. The forum creates international standards, nomenclature, taxonomy and design for contemporary law enforcement issues in less lethal force and force options.

Delegate to the ILEF conference in London, England on International Threats to Civil Disorder.

Consultant with the Less Lethal Technologies Working Group; Evaluated and critiqued the Mock Prison Riot. Corrections C.I.R.T. teams competed and trained in scenario based riot conditions. We conducted needs-research for technology gaps.



Force on Force Training Instructor; Simunition training and safety instructor for use of force simulation.


Tactical Explosive Breaching Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association, Omni Explosives and Counter Force. Tactical Breaching, Mechanical Breaching, Shotgun Breaching.

Managing Civil Action in Threat Incidents, (MCATI) Instructor; U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office For Domestic Preparedness- Community Research Associates. Instructed 5000 Georgia State Police and Georgia National Guard personnel on preparations for G-8 Summit.

Active Shooter and Active Threat Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association.

Civil Disorder and Crowd Management Instructor; National Tactical Officer’s Association.

Hostage Rescue Operations Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association.

Tactical High Risk Warrant Operations Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association.

Tactical Barricade Operations Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association.

Basic and Advanced SWAT Operations Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association.

Legal Issues For SWAT Commanders Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association.

Tactical Consultant and Instructor; Front Range Training and Consulting.